Stainless steel mixing tanks

Stainless steel tanks
With or without agitator, custom made

We supply stainless steel tanks in various options with volumes up to 150m³

For all applications, designed according to the circumstances

For small volumes (30 – 1000L) we developed a standart, in order to offer fast and cheap solutions for easy mixing tasks.

With or without agitator, we supply the system that matches your requirements.

  • Material AISI304 or AISI316L
  • Starting at 30L volume
  • Surface according to the application, pickled + passivates, grinded, polished
  • Flat bottom, cone bottom, spherical bottom
  • With agitators, steel frames, ladders etc. on request


Take a look at our product pictures to see what we can supply

Stainless steel tank product pictures

300L tank with speed controlled agitator, with hinged lid on wheels

Construction in 3D CAD

Inside of a 150L tank with liter scale and dissolver

Storage tank 20m³

60L tank on wheels with strong, speed controlled agitator

Stainless steel agitator tank with anchor agitator. Single-walled stirred tanks 90-1200L from our standard series

Production of stainless steel mixing tanks as dosing station for food lines

Open stainless steel mixing tank

Electrically heated cauldron with room – engaging anchor agitator as a complete system Here 150 liters volumeHeatable up to 120 ° C Anchor stirrer high polished. Suitable for higher viscous liquids such as mustard, chocolate, applesauce or other higher viscous but flowable liquids. Also infinitely variable stirrer available

Electrically heated cooking kettle with stirrer as a complete system Here 150 liters volume Heatable up to 120 ° C Propeller stirrer eccentric suitable for sauces, marinades or other liquids

100L mixing tank, custom made from AISI316L

Pedestals, platforms, ladders and steel frames matching to the tanks on request

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