Drum agitators

Standart agitators for drums
Effective, optimized in cost, short delivery time.

Agitators for mixing, blending, homogenization and dispersing in barrels / drums.

Useable for lubes, additives, sauces etc., with barrel agitators you save time during the production.

  • For all standart steel- and plasticbarrels and drums.
  • Direct driven mixers, available with different rounds per minute, depending on your product. Optional driven by gear for higher viscosities.
  • Low cost model with fixed, solid shaft on the motor or with coupling
  • Long-life stainless steel model
  • For barrels / drums with 2″ opening with folding propeller which fits through the opening and unfolds in use
  • For open steel barrels / drums with matching travers for easy mounting
  • For plastic barrels / drums with matching lid cap
  • Electric or air driven motors, electric according to european energy-efficienzy norm IE
  • Option: Frequenzy inverter for infinitely variable RPM

Drum mixer product photos

Folding propellers fit through 2″ bunghole openings of steel drums and unfold during operation by centrifugal force

The drum mixers are screwed directly into the 2 “opening and started via the FI push-button switch.
Hier die Lösung für dünnflüssige Medien.

Through an angled clamping traverse for steel drums, larger folding stirrers can also be used for liquids with higher viscosities. Here is the solution for stirring liquids up to 2000 mPas in a 200 liter steel drum with 2″ bunghole.

Agitators for placing on standard PE barrels as a complete system with lid. Here with attached frequency converter for stepless speed control.

Barrel agitator for open steel drums with stainless steel traverse for locking, also available for higher viscosities with different agitators.

Electric lifting stand for drum stirrers. For open PE barrels with integrated drum holder
New from March 2019.

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