Custom made agitators

Custom made agitatorsWe are manufacturer

In close cooperation with our customers we develop the agitator that you need.

Whether one-off production or series – we are your competent partner
Since many years we produce custom built agitators for all applications

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Manufacture

One partner for all steps !

For plant engineering, machinery- and tank manufacturers and technical traders we offer cost effective agitators with short lead times, which are designed to the point.

Of course we also supply agitators for the user, too.

We rely on personal contact and advanced technology. The 3D design during the quotational phase guarantees us to deliver precisely what is recquired.

Samples for agitators and mixing units, custom built:

Anchor agitator with dissolver

Agitator product photos

Wall tripod gear agitators with electric lifting device

Anchor stirrer with PTFE scrapers in food-grade version.

Agitator in construction chemistry

1000L stainless steel anchor agitator

1000L stainless steel gear agitator as a flat gear agitator with 4-blade inclined blade stirrer

Cooking kettle / boiler with infinitely variable agitator for food. Suitable for sauces, marinades etc ..

Electrically heated stainless steel tank (boiler) with polished, room-grabbing anchor agitator

Anchor stirrer stainless steel

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