For mounting on tanks & vessels or with electric lifting device

In the paint industry and for chemicals dissolver are indispensable.

At high speed and high shear products are dispersed.

For dispersing and milling the dissolvers is best agitoter

  • Direct / gear driven mixers, available with different rounds per minute, depending on your product
  • Low cost model with fixed, solid shaft on the motor or with coupling
  • Materials in contact with product: Stainless steel
  • Norm flanges
  • Electric or air driven motors, electric according to european energy-efficienzy norm IE
  • Option: Frequenzy inverter for infinitely variable RPM
  • Dissolverdiscs Ø 30mm – 1200mm
  • Power up to 55KW

Schwarzer Rührtechnik Dissolver with frequenzy inverter on the motor in a 100L vessel

Dissolver pictures

Put on to dissolver agitator 55 KW with elastic coupling and bearing lantern

We supply dissolver agitators for different container sizes.
Here are two dissolver discs on the stirrer shaft in the stainless steel container.

Laboratory dissolver discs for laboratory stirrers

Special mixing propeller tooth propeller for high-speed agitators also for dispersing.

Stand dissolver agitator 7.5 KW

Standing dissolver 7,5KW

Special production of dissolver disks for already existing dissolvers

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