IBC agitators

Agitating, homogenising, dispersingdirectly in the IBC container

An IBC container agitator from Schwarzer Rührtechnik GmbH can be used quickly due to its mobile and uncomplicated design.

We use quality drives from Getriebebau Nord.

A thoughtful design of the container agitators, in particular the stirrers and its technical nature and stirring function, ensure effectiveness and ease of use. With a quick-release device, the container agitators can be mounted or dismounted on the container in just a few steps.

Our folding cup stirrers as well as the wings of the folding blade stirrers of the container agitators can be disassembled without tools and thus easy to clean.

We offer the highest quality.

No screws in the product room which could loosen. Container traverses also with forklift openings. All trays for container agitators are made of stainless steel as standard and the surface is smooth. No burr on edges or holes.

Fast delivery times, competent advice, flexibility and a very good price-performance ratio distinguish us and our range of container agitators and other agitators.

How to choose the suitable container agitator?

The viscosity of the product is important to select the appropriate container agitator. If you do not know the exact viscosity of your application, you can estimate it using our examples below.

For the container agitators, guide values are shown (see catalog container agitators on the left), which show the maximum viscosity for which the container agitator is suitable. A certain power reserve is taken into account.

List with viscosity examples:

  • Water: 1 m/Pas
  • Hairshampoo: 3000 m/Pas
  • Buttercream: 550 m/Pas
  • Cocoa mass: 4000 m/Pas
  • Fruit mash: 650 m/Pas
  • Glucose: 5000 m/Pas
  • Gear oil SAE 90: 700 m/Pas
  • Wood glue: 7000 m/Pas
  • Tomato ketchup: 1000 m/Pas
  • Honey: 10.000 m/Pas
  • Mayonnaise: 2000 m/Pas
  • Epoxy resin: 20.000 m/Pas

If stainless steel isn’t resistant for your application, we can offer you plastic coatings (only propeller agitators)

Even special models, custom made for your application can be realized. Contact us! Subject too technical modifications.

IBC agitators product photos

Worm gear agitator

Container agitator for IBC containers available immediately from stock. Here up to 10000 m / Pas.With hinged cup stirrer. 1.5 KW 290 rpm. Stirring arms can be removed without tools.
With built-in frequency converter infinitely variable.

Folding stirrer Ø 340mm for container 1.4571
Stirrer can be inserted through opening Ø 140 mm.
Impeller can be removed without tools.
No screws in the product room.
Easy cleaning possible.
8mm sheet thickness.

Lifting stand – agitator for IBC with container detection and auto shutdown when raising and lowering. Container agitator as gear agitator with folding cup – agitator and frequency converter.

Mobile tripod with stirrer for 1000L IBC container.
Our new, electric lifting system for agitators. Type SRTSPHS900
Compact – low-maintenance and crash-proof due to spindle lifting system.
Container recognition through non-contact sensor technology.
Stirrers up to 160 KG can be lifted.
For example, 15 KW 1500 rpm dissolver.
Also available for other agitator tanks.
Lifting height up to 1300mm.

Electric speed-adjustable propeller – container agitator for IBC available in various capacities. Polished mixing propeller is standard

For liquids with viscosities up to 20000 m / Pas we offer our strongest container agitator.
Infinitely variable with high-quality frequency inverter.

Our folding cup stirrer for container agitators fits through IBC openings of Ø = 140mm and unfolds during operation. The stirring arms can be disassembled without tools. Stirring almost without air inclusion and with low shear forces.

Infinitely variable speed adjustable container agitator. 0.75 kW 190 rpm with stirrer Ø 600mm. Ready to plug in with switch.

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