For production processes you need different types of stirrersWe manufacture stirrers in stainless steel, steel, PP and PVDF

Construction in 3D CAD

Special stirrers according to customers wishes are possible, just like subcontracting.
In the welding process MIG / MAG and TIG our skilled workers weld with modern pulse welding equipment stirrers on requirements.
With our modern machinery including an own waterjet cutting system we guarantee the highest precision, short lead times and a fair cost structure.
All threads and fits are possible.
The surface treatment is also done in our own production.
Sanding, staining, polishing, electro-polishing, pickling + passivating – for food, pharma, chemical use etc.

Our standard sets a benchmark

In propeller agitators our stainless steel propellers are unbeaten:

From one casting, propeller made of stainless steel AISI316L, mirror polished.

At an unbeatable price.
Available in sizes Ø 100mm, Ø 125mm, Ø 138mm, Ø 150mm, Ø 175mm, Ø200mm
Blank, threaded or fitted.

We manufacture:

  • Mixing propellers
  • 2-blade stirrers
  • Cup stirrers
  • Dissolvers
  • Plate stirrers
  • Intermig
  • Folding propellers
  • Folding cup stirrer
  • 4-blade stirrer
  • Ringpropellers
  • Trapeze stirrers
  • Trapezeringpropellers
  • Anchors
  • Laboratory stirrers


Polished mixing blades

Polished agitators for food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications.

Mixing propellers – Cup stirrers – Dissolver discs – Laboratory stirrers

Stainless steel - mixing propeller of different versions, even for laboratory applications starting at Ø 40mm.

3-blade mixing propeller for left or right rotation, designed and constructed on a project-specific basis.

Surface glass bead blasted or IIIc pickled passivated. Axial flow.

Steel propeller Ø1400mm

For Ø=80mm shaft


Cup stirrers

SRT Fluidjet:

Dynamic pressure principle

Achieve good mixing results in a short time without air entry and low peripheral speeds, even at higher viscosities


  • No air entry
  • No vortex
  • Short mixing time
  • No foam

Inclined blade stirrer

For screwing in, with grooved hub or sliding hub.


 Ø 30mm – Ø 1200mm

Trapezrührer - Kreuzbalkenrührer - Intermigrührorgane

Trapezium stirrers / cross-bar stirrers

2-wing, axial flow

Stirrer with sliding hub, thread or grooved hub.

Materials: stainless steel, steel, surface stained, polished or high polished.

For higher viscous liquids (such as paints) Trapezium stirrer mold for better stirring in the near shaft area, compensation of the flow promotion in relation to the peripheral speed.

Folding propeller and folding cup stirrer

e.g. suitable for small container openings Ø 140mm at IBC.

The stirring blades fold out automatically during operation.

Folding stirrer 4-wing Ø 340mm very stable without screws in the product room

2-arm cup stirrer Ø 600mm very stable without screws in the product room

We also supply different types of plastic stirrers in PP and PVDF

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