Propeller mixers

SRT - High Speed Mixer Standard agitators.
Durable, maintenance-free with fast delivery times.

High speed mixers as agitators offer many advantages. Over many years, we have always incorporated our experience with high-speed mixers into further development and worked out the necessary technology and limits of high-speed mixers.

Today, our standard high speed mixer agitators are an ideal product of price and performance for many applications.

For example our propeller agitators for low- and medium viscosities

  • Direct driven mixers, available with different rounds per minute, depending on your product
  • Low cost model with fixed, solid shaft on the motor or with coupling
  • Materials in contact with product: Steel, Stainless steel, plastic coatings in PP and PVDF
  • Electric or air driven motors, electric according to european energy-efficienzy norm IE
  • Optionally with suitable frequency converter for stepless speed control
  • As standard, we deliver our high-speed mixers with highly polished stainless steel cast 3-blade propellers
  • Mixing propeller polished available in Ø 100mm / Ø 125mm / Ø 138mm / Ø 150mm / Ø 175mm / Ø 200mm / Ø 225mm.
  • Our mixing propellers in stainless steel are also available in plastic PP or PVDF.

Propeller mixers product photos

High-speed agitator with mounted frequency converter
1 phase 230 V 50/60 Hz.
Toggle switch and knob 0-1500 rpm directly on the motor.

High-speed mixer with grooved sleeve coupling, the agitator shaft can be easily disassembled.

High speed mixer agitator with high polished stainless steel mixing propeller

With the stainless steel clamping device, high-speed mixers can be attached to open containers

For chemical applications, we use plastic coatings made of PP and PVDF for high-speed mixers and gear agitators

Stirrer shaft with v-ring seal, seals gas-tight at the agitator flange

CNC machined, grooved sleeve couplings (no cheap sleeve coupling with grub screws) allow easy disassembly of the stirrer shafts for cleaning or changing

Highly polished stainless steel mixing propellers for high-speed mixers. Also adjustable in height on the stirrer shaft allow a turbulent mixing and are easy to clean

Attached frequency inverters directly on the drive motors of the high-speed mixers in a compact design enable stepless speed control

Construction of the high-speed mixers in 3D CAD allows for precise coordination and simplifies communication

We program and supply external frequency converters for control cabinet installation (IP20) or waterproof IP 66 for wall mounting. Stepless speed control of the high-speed mixers and gear agitators.

Optionally we deliver complete stainless steel tanks with stirrer in many sizes and versions

Series production of agitators

We use high quality packaging to prevent transport damage

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