Agitators with mechanical seal

Agitators with mechanical seal
Suitable for pressure and vacuum

Agitators with mechanical seal can be placed under the liquid level, for example to mix & blend beverages or to keep liquids in motion.

In addition, mechanical seals seal tight at pressure and vacuum.

We supply agitators with mechanical seal for all types and sizes of tanks, for low and high viscosities.

  • Direct driven agitator, available with different RPM, according to your product
  • Optional with gear for slow speed
  • Shaft with coupling or as hollow shaft
  • Stainless steel AISI316L or AISI304
  • Norm flanges
  • Electric motors according to european energy efficienzy norm IE
  • Option: Frequenzy inverter for speed control
  • By standart with mirror polished stainless steel propeller AISI316L

Product pictures

Side entry agitators for beverages. We also supply complete mixing tanks

Mirror polished stainless steel propellers – for us, a standart

Polished stirrer for beer

Agitators installed in the tank bottom

Agitators installed in the tank bottom

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