Gear agitators

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Gear agitators from Schwarzer Rührtechnik.

Gear agitators can be used in different options for all kind of products. With different RPM and stirrers we can offer a solution for every application.

  • High-quality german gear motors, for example Getriebebau NORD
  • Hollow shaft, couplings, flange couplings etc.
  • Available in steel, stainless steel and plastic coated in PP and PVDF
  • Norm flanges
  • Electrical motors according to european energy efficienzy norm IE
  • Option: Frequenzy inverter for infinitely variable RPM

Available with different kinds of stirrers for every application:

  • Blade stirrers   
  • Propellers
  • Impellers
  • Cup stirrers
  • Intermig stirrers
  • Folding blade or cup stirrers

This represents only a small part of the possibilities . Send us your request , we are happy to help !

Gear agitator product pictures

2-blade-stirrer agitator for 25m³ bitumen emulsion, with bearing, made of steel

Gear agitator with Intermig stirrers and bottom stirrer

Spur gear agitator with frequency inverter. Cup stirrer slotted design, height-adjustable on the shaft, for applications in the medium to high-viscosity range

Flat gear agitator with 2 height adjustable welded propellers for homogenization in the chemical industry

Flat gear agitator with welded 4-blade-stirrer

Gear agitator with Intermig stirrers

Agitator with 3 stirrers for high viscous products

Plastic coated agitator (PP) for application in the chemical industry

Flat gear Agitator: Crossbar Stirring elements on the stirrer shaft.

Cup agitator for the gentle production of beverage syrup without air inclusion

Agitator for 35m³ juice with bottom bearing

We also supply complete mixing tanks in all sizes, made of stainless steel, steel, PP, PE, PVDF

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